Link Building

Link Building

Are you looking for ways to increase the traffic to your website? Link building is one of the best ways to do it. It is the process of creating inbound links to your own website. There are many ways in which link building can be accomplished, some of which are through reciprocal links, being listed in indexes, sending newsletters, submitting article directories, etc. It is one of the best ways to make a search popular and adds unique viewers to your website.

The quality of the source site where the link comes from should be a prime area of consideration in link building. There are thousands of websites which give webmasters free links, but getting links from such sites may not help you in increasing your search engine PR (Page Rank) and in worst case, might also invite penalty from these websites. Link building is a skilled job and demands the expertise of an optimizer.

A few of the things which help in good link building are:

  • Links can be exchanged among webmasters of different websites.
  • The quality of the source plays a vital role in the link building process. If the reference comes from a reputable website with a high PR, it can work wonders for a website.
  • Getting links from non-commercial websites which have .org domains can help increase the PR of your website.
  • Submitting articles to free article directories is one of the most tried and true formulas in link building. Some of them have strict writing rules which help in improving the quality of your content.
  • Link baits have been around for quite a long time in link building. In this technique, interesting articles are shared by websites and help to drive huge volumes of traffic.
  • Blog commenting and forum commenting are also good strategies employed in link building. In this webmasters post their comments in blogs and forums with a link to their websites.
  • Social bookmarking is another way employed in link building. This involves bookmarking the website and web pages across different locations to increase visibility.


Link building is one of the best ways of increasing traffic to a website. It is a time-taking process, but builds a solid foundation for any website. Keep in mind the quality of the link source plays a vital role in link building. A single quality link can potentially generate more traffic than a multiple of ordinary ones.

Summary: Link building is an important SEO technique to increase the visibility of a website and increase its traffic. It involves link exchange, bookmarking, blog and forum commenting among other approaches.


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