Link Farms

Link Farms

Link farming is a method of boosting the popularity of websites. A link farm is a website set up with the sole purpose of increasing the link popularity of other sites by increasing the number of incoming links to those sites. Usually link farms are made up of long list of unrelated links. Many link farms are created as networks of sites that contain numerous links to one another. In the SEO circles, link farming is considered an unethical way of promoting websites.

Reasons To Avoid Link Farms

Link farms do not provide any real benefit to the users although they list high on SERP (search engine results page). All the major search engines in the world including Google are penalizing such practices and removing those sites from their directories. The use of links from link farms is strictly forbidden according to the search engines’ terms and conditions. Your website will be ranked poorly if the search engines find you practicing or promoting link farming.

Although link farming is one of the easiest ways to promote a website, in the long run it is not an ideal thing to do. If your website is dependent on organic search, any association with link farms may prove to be suicidal for you. Once your website is penalized, it won’t appear in the search engine results pages which may dent your online business severely.

Link farms also do not add much value to your website as these sites usually do not generate heavy traffic themselves. The link juice in such website keeps on dropping down with time and you have to keep on adding more and more links to generate traffic from these sources. Link farms are therefore a strict “no” for any webmaster willing to reap benefits from search engines.

How To Identify Link Farms

One of the best ways to identify link farms is through the use of Google PageRank; the lower the Page Rank, the more likely it is that Google thinks the site is some type of bad neighborhood. In most cases, PageRank will be “0” in the case of link farms. Alternately, you can surf through the website and figure out if they are link farms or not. If you come across websites which are full of unrelated hyperlinks, they are most likely to be link farms. These sites usually have hyperlinks for most of their content.

Summary: Link farms are unethical websites which stuff their content with unrelated links. These websites are generally not indexed by search engines and call in penalty for their unethical practices.


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